Quality Control

American importing companies are often in conflict with China Manufacturers. Many people presume that there is a great deal of cooperation involved between the companies that make our products and those bringing them into the country. What consumers don’t understand is the related struggle.

Chinese suppliers want to save money by reducing specifications, while American companies are trying to fight for higher levels of quality at reasonable prices. The customer may always be right, but quality failures often are the result of a relationship imbalance and asymmetrical information. Manufacturing companies that produce a substandard product often know what the problem is with their product, but they don’t provide much of a hint to their customers. This means that importing companies have to guess at where corners may have been cut. It’s a dangerous situation for all of us to be in. You can actually get something made faster in North America, and you can get it made cheaper in other developing economies. China wins because it offers a level of convenience that other markets cannot provide.For every single instance of a widely publicized product recall, you have hundreds of quality problems that do not get broader media attention, though they probably should. That is why Global Brands Development Limited (GBD) has been so successful in the last decade.

GBD helps manufacturers to bridge the gap with our American management and quality control team on site. Combined with our Chinese management team we are able to control the entire business cycle from payment to production to logistics. Flatline Acoustics is the beneficiary of our combined American / Chinese team. We control all aspects of quality. We start from incoming parts quality control to on-line assembly and testing to final AQL. Every production run is overseen by our American team to make sure the American eyes are watching and confirming that the product is made to the agreed specifications.

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