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300 watts peak, 100 watts RMS per channel
Removable screwless connectors accommodates 14AWG
Adjustable impedance matching for up to 8X pair of speakers
1/2X, see 4X, 8X
54dB, 12 steps attenuation, Pop-free switching between all steps.

May be used with 4- 6- 8-ohm speaker systems.
Ideal for home and commercial sound installations.
Installation requires only a screwdriver and wire stripper.
Mounting depth of only 2-9/16”. Fits into standard 18-cubic-inch one-gang junction boxes.
Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz +/-2dB.
Carton size: 9.33″(L) X 3.86″(W) X 5.52″(H)
Included white, ivory and almond
3 – Plates
3 – Inserts
3 – Knobs
3 – Sets Screws(color match)

depth: 2.5″

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