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Speaker Assembly: mounted in 20 degree angle housing

Woofer : 6.5″, woven kevlar cone, 1″ voice coil, 22 oz magnet, bumped back plate, vented pole piece
Tweeter : 1″ titanium dome, ferro-fluid cooled, 30 degree swivel and pivot, neodymium magnet
X-over : FR4 board with 18dB per octave crossover for tweeter and woofer sections
+/- 3dB attenuation switches on woofer and tweeter
Polymide switch-auto protect reset switch, over power protection for tweeter
16AWG wire connection to woofer section
Gold plated terminal posts will accept 14AWG wire
Frequency response : 45Hz-22KHz
Sensitivity : 88dB 1W/1M
Recommended amplifier power : 10-125 watts
Impedance : 4ohm/8ohm selectable on PCB
Cutout size : 7.95″
Depth : 5.04″
Weight (pair pack) : 12 lbs
Carton dimensions (pair pack) : 10.7″(H) X 10.4″(W) X 15″(L)

Paint mask and cut out template included

-301 stainless steel mounting hardware

-Aluminum grille with white powdercoat

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