The Flatline Acoustics Team Has Over 17 Years Experience in The Audio Manufacturing Field Working Together in Shenzhen, China.

The owner of the company has worked in the audio field focusing on the design, development and manufacturing of turn key products for the last 15 years, with the last 11 years’ full time in China to build our American and Chinese team. He has worked on projects for companies such as Polk Audio, Klispch, Paradigm, PSB, Elan Home Systems, Niles, M&K, and many more. The team has learned so much in the last 11 years working together from design, tooling, crossover setup and adjustment, component matching. We are also very capable in the areas of compliance with CE, UL, C-tick, and ROHS. The company uses the most advanced modeling software on the market today, so we can build our products in 3D modeling software before we ever start a handmade mock up or cutting steel for tooling. We could be long winded here, but lets keep it simple. We offer the best products at the best prices on the market today. We offer a lifetime warranty on all our passive products. Just ask our current dealers.


Most Dealers That Have Never Imported Product From China Think that The Process is Just Too Complicated. That is Not The Case At All.

Flatline Acoustics will help you get the product shipped, cleared through customs and delivered to your local facility with no issues. Flatline Acoustics is normally sold “Free on Board” (FOB) of a suitable China port including Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Shanghai etc. This means we deliver the product to port of loading and get it placed on the boat for shipping. At that point the product is turned over to your appointed freight forwarder. The Flatline Acoustics team will work side by side with you to clear all issues and show you the process is very simple. You just need an experienced team to show you the way the first few times. The process is actually very simple and we are able to teach you this process. We can also work on CIF or DDP terms at your disposal.

We will help you know your total costs up front working together with your selected freight forwarder. The Flatline Acoustics team will work with you to select the best freight forwarder based on shipping time, price and history. This way the total costs are known up front so there are no surprises. Flatline Acoustics is not affiliated in any way with any freight forwarders. We are able to make this a painless process that will build your confidence to focus on importing more of your products. We look forward to working with you.

Current Customers

Flatline Acoustics is growing and distributed to more than 40 countries to date . Our customers are long term partners that see the benefit of Flatline Acoustics for their customers and their company bottom line. We have our list of global distributors available for references to qualified distributors. We see our distributors as our intellectual property. We want to protect them from spam from companies that copy other company’s customer lists. We are here to support any and all questions as to our integrity and quality. Please contact us on the contact page for a list of references.

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