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Output Power: 50W x 12 @ 4 Ohms 1kHz
THD+N:@ 4Ohms = 0.9%, @ 8Ohms = 1.0%
Input Sensitivity: 600mV
Frequency Response: 10Hz – 20kHz
High Pass Filter: 150Hz – 20kHz / -3dB
Low Pass Filter: 10Hz – 150Hz / -3dB
Signal to Noise Ratio: -75dB
Auto Turn On:5mV
Turn Off Delay: 8min
Supply Voltage: AC230V / 50Hz, AC110V / 60Hz


Thank you for your purchase of a FLATLINE multi-channel amplifier. The FL-1250AMP is a high performance custom installation product engineered for cinema and music enthusiasts.


• Multi-channel / multi-zone
• Digital high power amplification
• Low Impedance
• Bridgeable
• Low Noise
• Small (1U) Chassis
• Lower heat output
• Efficient Design
• Rack Mountable
• Auto-sensing power mode
• 12v Trigger Power Mode
• 12v Trigger Output

Low Impedance Design

Each channel in the FL-1250AMP is stable down to 4 Ohms. If required, this will allow for two 8 Ohm speakers to be wired in parallel to each channel. This feature enables a wider coverage to be achieved in larger areas.

Placement & Installation
Rack-mount ears and hardware are included with the FL-1250AMP amplifier. This allows for table-top or 2U AV rack-mount installation


All RCA audio connections on the FL-1250AMP are gold-plated for superior, non-corrosive, long lasting performance. The removable speaker connector blocks offer easier wiring, faster installation and troubleshooting. Speaker wire up to 14AWG is most effective with these connectors. A detachable, fused EIC grounded power cable reduces noise, simplifies troubleshooting and adds protection.

Input Options

The FL-1250AMP offers two bus inputs as well as channel-specific inputs. Each Zone can select Bus input A, B or its own dedicated Line In. This means the installer can expand one stereo input signal and distribute it up to 12 zones. If the Zone line input is used and the selector is set to line-in, then the dedicated input is used. This is useful for multi-zone or home theatre applications.

Automation – Power Mode

The FL-1250AMP has an in/out 12V DC trigger. This provides flexibility to turn on the entire amplifier and/or trigger other devices that also accept 12V triggering. This provides flexible control and automation options. Alternatively the FL-1250AMP can be set to Auto mode. In Auto mode the amplifier will turn on when sensing an audio input signal. If preferred, the Auto switch may be set to leave the amplifier always on.

Audio Modes

The FL-1250AMP amplifiers are organized into stereo pairs. Each pair has the option of being bridged into 1 higher-wattage mono channel. This allows the installer to use more power in larger rooms or in outdoor spaces in order to provide optimum sound levels and or coverage.

NOTE: When in bridged mode the amplifier channel must be used with an 8 Ohm speaker.


Each stereo zone of the FL-1250AMP can be adjusted to allow fine tuning. Each zone has an EQ switch. There are three modes for the EQ switch: FR = Full Range, HP=High Pass, and LP=Low Pass. Using HP when connecting to a Subwoofer will improve the performance of the main speakers.

Front Panel LEDs

The FL-1250AMP has LEDs on the front panel. These indicate the amplifier’s power state and channel status. If a fault occurs, power down the amplifier, investigate the fault and rectify before powering up and verifying the LED channel status again.

Power: ON = Blue
Power: OFF = Red
Channel Status: Normal = Blue
Channel Status: Fault = Red
Channel fault conditions may be: short circuit, thermal or overload failures.

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